Date: 24 Января 2015

Загрузка плеера

Second release of 2Rock Recordings is from the label owner himself - Alexander Turok, who has already proven that he is the one You should keep Your eyes out for.

His brand new piece of music with the self-explanatory name "Oscillation" will definitely make you move.

Nice and groovy progressive sound with beautiful and stunning melody is no doubt the key to success.

Enough is said!

Turn up Your speakers and feel it with every cell of Your body!

S: http://soundloud.com/turokmusic
F: http://facebook.com/turokmusic

S: https://soundcloud.com/2rock-recordings
F: https://www.facebook.com/2RockRecordings
T: https://twitter.com/2RockRecordings
V: https://vk.com/2rockrecordings

2Rock Recordings presents the very first release of its series

2Rock Recordings presents the very first release of its series to kick off the start of the Label from the Russian producer – Max Roven and his massive track which had been voted as the Anthem of the “Sunsation Music Festival 2014”, hosted in Crimea.  

Brilliantly unified production structure, a faery break & a huge blow-off will make You feel the burst of positive energy and put Your hands instinctively up in the air to receive that complete energy boost.  

With such a start 2Rock Recordings sets up high standard quality trance music releases in Fan’s enjoyment!

18 Декабря 2014