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2Rock Recordings: quality music from the depth of the heart

Date: 30 October 2014

Here is an independent record label which core business is to help talented producers in popularization and promotion of music pieces produced by them. The company is found by a well-known Russian DJ and Sound Producer - Alexander Turok together with a team of like-minded people.

Label is aimed to work with musical content, bands and artists of different targeting and style with a priority on tracks of Trance & Progressive genre. We constantly monitor the latest trends in the world of contemporary music, so our customers always receive the best service possible.

Our mission

To provide each artist and creative team with affordable, effective and creative solution aimed at a guaranteed result. We strive to bring joy to ordinary people, giving them an opportunity to join the beauty and to diversify leisure by listening to high quality music.

Our core business

To influence the formation and development of a civilized market of audio products together with partners. Offering perfect solutions, we open new horizons for gifted and dedicated producers, for whom the art and life are inseparable. We help active business people to build their biz and make it profitable.

Benefits of cooperation

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • recording studio with excellent acoustics;
  • professional equipment that provides high quality of recording.

From our part - deep creative approach to different musical trends and directions, especially in Trance & Progressive genre. Sound recording, quality mixing of an audio content, arranging on a turnkey basis, analog synthesizers and vintage instruments - all this is not a complete list of our capabilities.

2Rock Recordings: we light up new stars in the sky of show business!

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Second release of 2Rock Recordings is from the label owner himself - Alexander Turok, who has already proven that he is the one You should keep Your eyes out for.

His brand new piece of music with the self-explanatory name "Oscillation" will definitely make you move.

Nice and groovy progressive sound with beautiful and stunning melody is no doubt the key to success.

Enough is said!

Turn up Your speakers and feel it with every cell of Your body!