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We aren’t resting on our laurels and are always moving onwards! A good many is already at the back of our Trance history, but the uttermost is up ahead. Having succeeded in one goal we aim for the more extensive one. It is time to expand musical horizons of 2ROCK Brand! We are proudly announce the launch of our very first sub label called “2Rock B Side”.

Much like sides of a vinyl record, 2Rock B Side enlarges & enhances 2Rock Recordings to offer You another side of Trance Music.

No ordinary sound or even something new to your ears – all this can be heard on side B – 2Rock B Side!


  • Ruslan Radriges
  • Skyvol
  • Damian Wasse
  • Plutian
  • Alexander Turok
  • Alex Soun
  • WhiteLight
  • Van Yorge
  • Gosselt
  • Denis Airwave

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